Ski touring is an unparalleled path to the freedom to choose our own skiing. Far away from lifts and helicopters there is a world of untouched mountains waiting for us. They’re ours for the taking, tempered only by the measure of our ability. To take that next step from liftbound off-piste to pure ski touring you need new knowledge and skills.

Across three different levels, our mountain guides and experts will show you the path to your own independent ski touring. The aim is for you to become strong, safe and completely self-reliant. Your off-piste ability will improve, together with new skills gained for example in avalanches, first-aid, climbing, navigation, glaciers and equipment.

Pure Academy ◆

Theory one

During four hours you’ll gain both practical and theoretical knowledge about ski touring equipment. All participants bring their own rucksack packed for ski touring, which we’ll dissect and discuss. After completing this course component you will understand what and how to pack, what makes up the ideal field repair kit, what you should have in your first aid kit and many other useful tips.

Pure Academy One

24 Mar 2024 – 28 Mar 2024

Off-piste to ski touring progression

During four days in the mountains around Riksgränsen and Narvik you’ll improve your knowledge and skills required for ski touring. We’re building from the ground up, starting with off-pisting skills, ski touring technique and avalanche safety. We’ll be covering topics such as route finding, navigation, planning, equipment, kick turns and the avalanche qualification SVELAV Freeride 1. Upon course completion, the goal is that you should have the confidence and ability to ski tour in steep (but non-glaciated) terrain, without fear of falling.

4 course days with mountain guide

From 1100€

Pure Academy A

– 5 Sep 2023

Rock climbing fundamentals

During two days you’ll learn how to toprope, abseil, rig anchors on natural features and how to climb as a second. The aim of this course is to provide you with sufficient knowledge to give you confidence to rig topropes using your own anchors, but also how to climb as the second to a more experienced leader.

Pure Academy B

11 Oct 2023 – 8 Nov 2023

Evening training sessions, level one

During three autumn evenings, we’ll build up our baseline fitness for the coming season’s ski touring with our training expert, Erik Wickström. We’ll do hill and interval sessions to improve our strength and aerobic fitness with the aim to be able to run 80-100 vertical meters in a decent tempo without pause, feeling strong.

Pure Academy Two

13 Mar 2024 – 18 Mar 2024

From ski touring to ski alpinism

We build on and expand our knowledge and skills obtained in Academy One during five days in the Tarfala and Kebnekaise massifs. We continue with ski alpinism, travel in glaciated terrain and improve our avalanche knowledge. Course coverage includes glacier-, and crampons technique, ropework, abseiling, snow anchor construction and steep skiing. We’ll also complete the avalanche qualification SVELAV Freeride 2. After successful course completion the aim is that you should be able to confidently travel over glaciated areas and in steeper terrain requiring climbing with ropes and abseiling.

6 course ski touring days with IFMGA mountain guide

From 1850€

Pure Academy E

Wilderness First Aid

During three days you’ll gain basic knowledge of L-ABCDE, frostbite and altitude sickness. The course syllabus is taken from the American outdoor pursuits institute National Outdoor Leadership School, and specifically their Wilderness Medicine Institute. The course will offer a realistic first-aid training for outdoor activities with the aim to build up your knowledge and give you an increased self-confidence to take action in an accident situation or injury.

Pure Academy F

11 Oct 2023 – 8 Nov 2023

Evening training sessions, level 2

During three autumn evenings we build upon the knowledge about strength and fitness conditioning attained from level 1. Tougher, harder sessions, focusing on endurance and flexibility. We carry a heavier pack, and cover more vertical meters. Our training expert, Eric Wickström conducts the sessions and will be able to offer smart advice and tips on how to improve further your strength and overall fitness.

Pure Academy H

– 21 Feb 2023


During an evening in Hammarbybacken, in Stockholm, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge to make your ski touring smarter and more efficient. We have invited a skimo expert to show you the tricks of the trade for an hour, after which you’ll get to practice them in the skimo race Hammarbybacken 2H where the aim is to cover as many vertical meters as possible during two hours.

Pure Academy Three

5 Apr 2024 – 11 Apr 2024

Home of the Giants

Climb the highest peak in the Nordics, Galdhøpiggen, and several of its neighbouring peaks above 2,300 m asl. The skiing here offers lots of vertical meters and long days outside. This is the highest alpine region of Norway. Hut to hut, this is as classic as ski touring gets.

5 ski touring days´with mountain guide

From 2200€