About Pure Ski Touring

World Class Ski Tours

We’ve curated the finest ski touring regions in the world. Thorough research, curiosity and intuition lead us to suitable mountain areas. The geographical spread of our destinations cover Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Iceland, Svalbard, northern Norway and Lapland. Vertical meters, annual snowfall and the natural environment are factors we take into consideration. We seek the foot of the mountain, and ascend all the way to its summit. It’s more demanding, but at the same time more rewarding. In North America, this is called “Back Country”, in the Alps it’s known as “Ski Touring”, but we call it “Topptur” regardless of where we are in the world.

Only Certified Mountain Guides

We only employ certified mountain guides. A mountain guide’s job is to manage risk in a mountain environment. To gather and process information. Decision making to minimise risk whilst maximising the experience. To become a certified mountain guide according to UIAGM/IVBV/IFMGA is an extremely demanding and difficult pursuit. The examination follows after around a five year long education. The mountain guide badge represents a guarantee of the highest possible standard for quality and safety. Today there are 52 fully certified mountain guides in Sweden and we’re proud to partner with most of them.

Humans and Gear

Ski touring places significant demands on equipment and humans alike. The equipment should be light-weight, multi-functional and extra durable. On the up we want long, efficient strides plus plentiful ventilation. On the down we want stable skiing, protection against wind and to stay warm. Ski touring can be extremely physically demanding, sometimes during long days. Just like our equipment we ourselves also need to be in good shape both when going up and skiing down. This places higher demands on your own competency and preparations. We partner with the best brands and offer opportunities to purchase and to test. Your own fitness and preparation you’ll have to take care of yourself though.

The Personal Touch on Location

Pure Ski Touring works with a network of experts in a range of different fields. Our preparations are meticulous and we place exceptional demands on travel, transfer, accommodation, food, guides and more. I commit a lot of time and focus on professional service delivery through my personal availability during the whole chain from booking to delivery. Our high demands mean that we only ever offer one trip per year per destination. This means that we can guarantee that every ski tour is completely unique. You can reach me 24/7 year round, and naturally I personally participate in every trip.

Best mountain greetings
Camilla Antonsson
CEO Pure Productions