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Ski Mountaineering – the new Olympic Sport

Hans-Christer (H-C) Holmberg

What is SkiMo? Ski Mountaineering (SkiMo) is a rapidly growing competitive sport with a unique combination of physical endurance, spectacular scenery and exciting downhill skiing. The interest in SkiMo has increased considerably since the news that SkiMo will debut as an Olympic discipline in Milan-Cortina, 2026. I, in conjunction with some colleagues, recently published an article […]

”Det räcker med Skäcker” is both a hashtag and a philosophy of life

Mattias Skantz

Skäckerfjällen, complete wilderness Skäckerfjällen consists of 16 summits in a small, self-contained region. For Sweden, the summits are in unusually close vicinity of each other. All of them are situated in complete wilderness where the annual precipitation is an impressive 1,500mm. This makes Skäckerfjällen a peerless destination for ski touring. As the summits are close […]

Reach your summits easier and in safety with a mountain guide

Mikael Amlert

Mountain Guide is a certified profession A certified mountain guide’s competencies and fields of expertise can be found within all disciplines of alpinism and mountaineering. Mountain guides lead, educate and coach their clients, and examples of engagements can involve trekking, mountaineering, glaciated travel, ice climbing, rock climbing, off-piste skiing, ski touring, avalanche training, expeditions at […]

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