13 – 18 March 2024

Pure Academy Two

From ski touring to ski alpinism

We build on and expand our knowledge and skills obtained in Academy One during five days in the Tarfala and Kebnekaise massifs. We continue with ski alpinism, travel in glaciated terrain and improve our avalanche knowledge. Course coverage includes glacier-, and crampons technique, ropework, abseiling, snow anchor construction and steep skiing. We’ll also complete the avalanche qualification SVELAV Freeride 2. After successful course completion the aim is that you should be able to confidently travel over glaciated areas and in steeper terrain requiring climbing with ropes and abseiling.

Location: Tarfala and Kebnekaise massifs
Ski days: 6
Instructor: IFMGA mountain guide
Max participants: 6 per guide


  • Theory One
  • Pure Academy One
  • Avalanche certification SVELAV Freeride 1
  • A – Rock climbing fundamentals
  • B – Evening training sessions, Level One
  • C – Theory two
  • D – Off-piste skiing, Level One
  • Age limit: 18


  • Avalanche certification SVELAV Freeride 2
  • Course text: Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain
  • Glacier skiing and crevasse rescue
  • Crampons and axe technique
  • Ski alpinism, technique and ropework
  • Steep skiing, snow anchors, abseiling

Partner on Pure Academy Two

Mountain &

Sweden’s Alpine Eldorado

Tarfala is a ski tourer’s Mecca situated right in the middle of the Kebnekaise massif, around 25km west of Nikkaluokta, Lappland. The province itself adds up to about a quarter of Sweden’s total area, and is the home to seven national parks, bordering both Norway and Finland. From Nikkaluokta, the nearest town, Kiruna, is a 64km drive away. There are multiple glaciers to be found in the Tarfala Valley, and perhaps the most well-known, Storglaciären, is one of the most studied glaciers in the world.

The peaks top out at between 1,700 and 2,100 m asl in a typically sub-arctic, high alpine environment. Sweden’s highest peak, the north summit of Kebnekaise (2,099 m asl) is here, and it’s an obvious ski touring aspiration for our trip. We have 5.5 ski touring days at our disposal, and with the mountains right on our doorstep, we’re always close to the instep. Our days will be filled with high alpine climbing, steep passages, airy ridge walks and roped up glacier travel.

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Christian Edelstam

Christian Edelstam is an IFMGA-certified mountain guide and Pure Ski Touring’s head guide. Christian lives in Abisko in the north of Sweden, and also teaches avalanche safety, a climbing instructor, member of the Abisko ski patrol, glaciologist and product tester for Tierra. After more than 10 years’ experience guiding at the Kebnekaise and Abisko mountain stations he now runs his own guiding company. Since a year back, Christian only guides in mountains reachable without flying.

He is driven by a genuine joy for adventure and discovery — everything from finding out what the snow’s like on the other side of the ridge, to opening new alpine climbing routes in high mountains. The best part of guiding is to get to share the joy with the guests! Christian has been working with Pure Ski Touring since 2010, and guided for us in Japan, Lyngen, Senja, Tarfala, Dolomites, Pyrenees, Iceland, Andermatt, Haute Route, Urner, Jotunheimen, Sunnmøre and on Svalbard.

Peter “CalleP” Engström

Peter “CalleP” Engström is a certified IFMGA mountain guide, and member of the Swedish mountain rescue team. CalleP lives in Kiruna, in the north of Sweden, and has ski toured in the Kebnekaise, Abisko and Narvik alpine ranges for more than 25 years – the last 15+ years as a certified mountain guide.

CalleP has worked with Pure Ski Touring since the beginning in 2009 and has guided for us in Lyngen, Tarfala and Abisko. Like many other guides, CalleP enjoys all the varied kinds of work that a professional mountain guide does, but ski touring is hard to beat, and is a firm winter favourite.

Mountain & guides
Accommodation & 


We’re based at the Tarfala mountain hut, situated in the Tarfalavaggi, one of the most scenic valleys in the Kebnekaise massif. The number of peaks 1,500-2,000 m around us is staggering. Tarfala hut sleeps 22. You’ll bed down with your own bedding or sleeping bag in multiple occupancy rooms with bunk beds. Mattresses, duvets and pillows are provided. Together we keep this hut running: you’ll help chop firewood, fire the stove, cook food, gather water, wash up and clean the hut. We make our breakfasts and cook our dinners together. We’ll make lunch packs from the breakfast supplies every morning.

The Tarfala hut has no electricity and no running water. Don’t count on any mobile coverage, although we’ve had reports that Telia (Swedish mobile provider) occasionally works.


You can choose to travel either by train or by air. There is no difference in terms of ski days. You can also make your own travel arrangements and join up at an agreed location and time. We’ll reduce the costs accordingly, of course.

By Train
If you choose to travel by train your journey starts from Stockholm Central Station in the evening. You’ll board the northbound sleeper and arrive in Kiruna the following morning. We ride sleeping carriages and have our own sleeping car compartments. The return journey follows the same path, and you’ll take the night train south from Kiruna, arriving back at Stockholm Central Station the following morning.

Vy sleeper train, Mar 12th, Stockholm C – Kiruna, 18:11-09:15 (+1 day)
Vy sleeper train, Mar 18th, Kiruna – Stockholm C, 18:30-09:25 (+ 1 day)
– bed in sleeping compartment compartment t & r included (only Pure participants in the compartment)

By Air
If you choose the flight, your journey begins late at night at Arlanda in Stockholm. You fly to Kiruna and from there there will be your own bus transfer to our pre-booked hotel in Kiruna. There you sleep one night and a good breakfast buffet is served the following morning. The return journey follows the same path, and you’ll depart Kiruna for Stockholm in the evening. We can also arrange flights from Gothenburg and Malmö on request. Please contact us on info@pureskitouring.se for more details.

SAS Mar 13th, Stockholm Arlanda – Kiruna, 08:40-10:20
SAS Mar 18th, Kiruna – Stockholm Arlanda, 13:55-15:35

Accommodation & Travel
Knowledge &


  • Pure Academy One
  • Comfortable skiing off-piste in varied conditions
  • Good fitness
  • Age limit: 18

For those who have not completed Pure Academy One:

  • Avalanche certification SVELAV Freeride 1
  • Rock climbing fundamentals, Svenska Klätterförbundet (Swedish Rock Climbing Association)
  • Theory One
  • Off-piste skiing, Level One
  • Self-sufficient in ski touring technique


If you have previous knowledge you wish to validate, you can do so here.

Mandatory Equipment Academy Two

  • Skis with touring binding
  • Climbing skins, contour-cut to your skis
  • Ski boots
  • Ski poles with baskets of a diameter of at least 6cm
  • Avalanche transceiver (not analog), shovel, probe. Check batteries.
  • Helmet
  • Avalanche backpack with inflatable airbag, 25-40l capacity
  • Ski crampons (harscheisen)
  • Crampons
  • Ice axe
  • Harness
  • Screw gate karabiners, 3
  • Sling (120cm), 1
  • Prussik loop, 1 (knotted from a length of around 125cm, 5mm accessory cord)
  • Ice screw, 1 (if you have it, otherwise we can lend you one on location)
  • Shell jacket and trousers. Wind-, and waterproof.
  • Mid-layer in wool or fleece
  • Insulated jacket. Synthetic or down. Alternatively an extra fleece.
  • Base layer, top and long-johns. Wool or synthetic
  • Ski socks, wool
  • Underwear, wool or synthetic
  • Gloves or mittens, one pair of thick, one pair of thin
  • Hat and balaclava or Buff to cover your face
  • Sunglasses and goggles
  • Sun cream
  • Water bottle
  • Head torch
  • Travel sheet
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Passport and money
  • Travel insurance
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Personal snacks (chocolate, nuts etc) for touring

Academy two specifics

  • Crampons
  • Ice axe
  • Harness
  • 1 screwgate karabiner
  • Ski Crampons (Harscheisen)
  • Travel sheet or sleeping bag liner

Good to have

  • Thin windproof/soft shell jacket
  • Soft shell trousers
  • Extra base layers
  • Extra underwear (wool/synthetics)
  • Extra ski socks (wool)
  • Day wear/civvies (to be left in the hotel)
  • Normal shoes (to be left in the hotel)
  • Thermos
  • Camera
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Toiletries bag
  • Ear plugs
  • Blister tape

Always aim to minimise weight when packing.

If you’re missing some of the equipment listed above, we’ll be happy to help arrange equipment hire or purchase. Contact us on info@pureskitouring.se for details.

Knowledge & Equipment


Price &
  • Packages

    • Excluding travel
    • Rail travel
      Bed in sleeping car compartment included
    • 2000€
    • Air travel
      Accommodation one night in Kiruna is included
    • 1850€

Included in Pure Academy Two

  • 6 course ski touring days with IFMGA mountain guide
  • Avalanche certification SVELAV Freeride 2
  • Course pamphlet Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain
  • Ski alpinism technique
    • Glacier travel and rope work
    • Crampons and ice axe technique
    • Snow anchor construction
    • Abseiling
    • Steep skiing
    • Off-piste skiing in glaciated terrain
  • Pure Academy Badge
  • Evening training sessions with Erik Wickström
  • Theory Two with IFMGA mountain guide (Dec)
  • Accommodation, Tarfala mountain hut, 5 nights
  • Breakfast, Tarfala mountain hut, 5 nights
  • Lunch package, Tarfala mountain hut, 5 night
  • Dinner, Tarfala mountain hut, 5 nights
  • Coffee and snack, Nikkaluokta mountain station (arrival day)
  • Luggage storage, Nikkaluokta mountain station
  • Warm lunch and coffee, Nikkaluokta mountain station (departure day)
  • Shower, Nikkaluokta mountain station (departure day)
  • Transfer, Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise mountain station (arrival day)
  • Transfer from the line stop down to Nikkaluokta (departure day)
  • Rail travel, Stockholm – Kiruna, return
  • Bed in sleeping compartment (Pure participants only)
  • Transfer, Kiruna train station – Nikkaluokta, return


  • Flight Stockholm – Kiruna, return
  • 1 luggage 23 kg and 1 hand luggage 8 kg
  • 1 special luggage with skis, boots 23 kg
  • Accommodation, ski lodge in Kiruna, 1 night
  • Breakfast buffet, ski lodge in Kiruna
  • Transfer to Kiruna Airport – Nikkaluokta, return

  • Tuesday, March 12th

    • 18:11 Train travellers depart Stockholm Central
  • Course day 1
    Wednesday, March 13th

    • 08:40 Air travellers depart Stockholm Arlanda
    • 09:15 Arrival, Kiruna Train Station, for the train travellers, meet & greet
    • 09:30 Transfer from Kiruna Train Station, then Kiruna airport and then to Nikkaluokta Mountain Station
    • 10:20 Arrival, Kiruna Airport
    • 11:45 Arrival, Nikkaluokta Mountain Station, and we’ll be served coffee and lunch.
    • Change into skidoo overalls and transfer to Kebnekaise mountain station
    • Ski Touring with mountain guide over the Kebnekaise massif on to Tarfala
    • 19:00 Check-in at Tarfala hut and continued course review
    • 19:00 We cook our dinner and eat together in the hut’s kitchen
  • Course days 2-6
    Thursday, March 14th - Sunday, March 17th

    • 07:00 Breakfast in the hut
    • 08:00 We assemble for today’s course component
    • We’re guided by weather and conditions. Included in the course is the 3-day avalanche certification SVELAV Freeride 2, travel in glaciated terrain and alpine climbing and abseiling sections.
    • 16:00 Return to the hut
    • 18:00 We cook our dinner and eat together in the hut’s kitchen
    • 19:30 Daily summary and theory
  • Monday, March 18th

    • 07:00 Breakfast in the hut
    • 08:00 We assemble for today’s course component
    • Our final course day, and we revisit the work from previous days.
    • We ski down the Tarfala valley to join the skidoo transfer line and get a tow down to Nikkaluokta Mountain Station
    • Time for a shower and change at Nikkaluokta, followed by a warm lunch
    • 11:45 Drive from Nikkaluokta, dropping off at airport, followed by the train station
    • 18:30 Departure, Kiruna Train Station for our train travellers
    • 13:55 Departure, Kiruna Airport for our air travellers
    • 15:35 Arrival, Stockholm Arlanda Airport
    • 09:25 Tuesday 19th March, - Arrival, Stockholm Centralstation, for the train travellers
    • 09:53 Måndag 4 april, - Ankomst Stockholm C (tågresenärer)
Price & Itinerary
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