21 – 25 February 2024

Pure Andermatt

A Skier's Refuge

The feeling of solitude is hard to come by in the Alps, but we’ve found it in Andermatt. The classic ski resort has long been considered a bit of a skiers’ secret. But the true treasure of Andermatt isn’t its established piste system, but the untouched backcountry slopes. The true Andermatt can only be reached by leaving behind the lifts and venturing out on the untracked neighbouring peaks.

Pure Andermatt is an Out of Bounds trip with longer days and more demanding tours. It is often just a group with a mountain guide, which means that there are no different degrees of difficulty on the tours. However, this smaller format gives us greater mobility to explore more distant mountain peaks. We sometimes cook our own food and the accommodation is simpler. Given that the altitude meters are more, you need to have previous experience of ski touring tours and your backpack should only contain the bare essentials to minimize weight.

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Authentic Alps

Andermatt is a mountain village in the Swiss Alps. It is situated at an altitude of 1437m asl, right in the middle of the Saint-Gotthard massif and around a 2h bus ride southwards from Zürich. Andermatt borders the ski areas Nätschen, Oberalp Pass och Realp. We have four ski touring days in this Alpine area.

The mountains are situated very close to our village, and by using the Gotthard Bahn train we travel the 7km which takes us to Oberalp Pass where we can ascend peaks of up to 2500m altitude. It’s a spectacularly scenic and challenging Alpine massif. Alternatively, we can take the gondola from right outside our hotel up the local mountain Gemsstock (2961m asl) and carry on along its back side. On average we ascend 900-1200 vertical meters per day, depending on snow and wind conditions. As the mountains are so close by as they are in Andermatt, we benefit from short transfers, more vertical meters and more hours in the mountains.

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Ulrika Asp

Ulrika grew up in the city of Karlskoga, and thanks to her father, a dedicated skier, she began her ski career in the Alps at the tender age of eight. During her college years, she financed her own skiing habit by arranging ski trips for her peers, and after graduation she spent her first full winter season in Chamonix. Ten years later she became the first Swedish woman to gain entry to ENSA (École National de Ski et d’Alpinisme). She graduated in 2006. Ulrika has worked with Pure Ski Touring since 2015, and has guided for us in Andermatt and Abisko. She now lives year-round in Chamonix, France.

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Andermatt is a genuinely scenic and ancient alpine village with a central pedestrianised street, Gotthardstrasse, running through the village from the gondola station in the east to the train station in the west. Andermatt is one of the best places in the world for freeriding and ski touring, and there are roughly 1500 inhabitants in the village. It’s situated on the north side of the Saint-Gotthard massif, with the river Reuss flowing through.


Our hotel, Hotel Aurora, we’ve used for many years, and it has a fascinating film backgound. The Bond classic “Goldfinger” was filmed here in the 60s. A drink on the hotel’s veranda is a ritual that many Andermatt skiers insist on. The couple who owns the place greet us in the foyer, and they’re both born in the village and have skied all their lives. The hotel is situated right next to the Gemsstock (2961m asl) gondola station, and close to the main pedestrian street.


You can choose to travel either via train or by air. Regardless of choice, the number of ski days remains the same. You can also arrange your own travel if you prefer, and meet up at the hotel in Andermatt (in which case we’ll of course subtract the travel costs from your package).


If you choose to travel by train, your trip will commence in the evening from Stockholm Central Station. You’ll travel southwards, through Germany and arrive into Andermatt Train Station via Zürich the following day. From the train station it’s about a 10-15min walk to our hotel. The return leg follows the same route. Arrive Stockholm Central the following day.


If you choose air travel you’ll set out in the afternoon from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. We land at Zürich Airport around 2.5h later. From there we’ve booked a private bus tranfer which takes us all the way to our hotel in Andermatt. Same route back on our last day, departing Andermatt in the afternoon. We depart Zürich just before 9pm and land back in Stockholm, Arlanda around 2.5h later. We can also arrange flights from Gothenburg or Malmö. Contact us on info@pureskitouring.se for details.

Travel Itinerary
SAS Feb 21st, Stockholm Arlanda – Zürich, 16:20-18:45 
SAS Feb 25th, Zürich – Stockholm Arlanda, 20:50-23:20 

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Some days we’ll start with the lift or train which gains us altitude. We’ll ascend around 600-1200 vertical meters per day at a steady pace, and there may be occasional short, steep or exposed pitches. Ratio: max 6 guests per guide.

  • Good fitness is required, capable of sustaining an ascent rate of 350m/h
  • Off-piste skiing in all conditions, on slopes up to 35 degrees
  • Previous experience of ski touring, how to walk and kick-turn with climbing skins
  • Age limit 18 years old (16 years old if accompanied by legal guardian)

Mandatory Equipment

  • Skis with touring bindings
  • Climbing skins, contour-cut to your skis
  • Ski boots
  • Ski poles with baskets of a diameter of at least 6cm
  • Avalanche transceiver (not analog), shovel, probe. Check batteries.
  • Helmet
  • Avalanche backpack with inflatable airbag, 25-40l capacity
  • Shell jacket and trousers. Wind-, and waterproof.
  • Mid-layer in wool or fleece
  • Insulated jacket. Synthetic or down. Alternatively an extra fleece.
  • Base layer, top and long-johns. Wool or synthetic
  • Ski socks, wool
  • Underwear, wool or synthetic
  • Gloves or mittens, one pair of thick, one pair of thin
  • Hat and balaclava or Buff to cover your face
  • Sunglasses and goggles
  • Sun cream
  • Water bottle
  • Head torch
  • Passport and money 
  • Travel insurance
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Personal snacks (chocolate, nuts etc) for touring

Andermatt Specifics

  • Crampons

Good to have

  • Thin windproof/soft shell jacket
  • Soft shell trousers
  • Extra base layers
  • Extra underwear (wool/synthetics)
  • Extra ski socks (wool)
  • Day wear/civvies (to be left in the hotel)
  • Normal shoes (to be left in the hotel)
  • Thermos
  • Camera
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Toiletries bag
  • Ear plugs
  • Blister tape

Always aim to minimise weight when packing.

If you’re missing some of the equipment listed above, we’ll be happy to help arrange equipment hire or purchase. Contact us on info@pureskitouring.se for details.

Knowledge & Equipment


Price &
  • Package including flights

    • Part in multi-bed room
    • 27 000 SEK
    • Estimated 2350€
    • Part in double room
    • 27 500 SEK
    • Estimated 2400€
    • Single room
    • 28 000 SEK
    • Estimated 2450€


  • 4 days’ ski touring with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Avalanche safety training with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Ski touring technique skills with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Equipment orientation with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • All mechanical uplift fares in conjunction with ski tours
  • All train fares in conjunction with ski tours
  • Personal account access to Pure Ski Touring’s website
  • Accommodation at Hotel Aurora, 4 nights
  • Breakfast, lunch and evening meal, 4 days
  • Bedding, towel and cleaning on checkout
  • Air travel, Stockholm Arlanda – Zürich return
  • Checked luggage, 23kg and carry-on, 8kg
  • Sport equipment luggage, 23kg (ski bag + boot bag)
  • Return transfer, Zürich airport – Andermatt
  • Alternatively, return train travel on request

  • Wednesday February 21

    • 16:20 Departure, Stockholm Arlanda airport
    • 18:45 Arrival, Zürich airport
    • Private transfer (around 2h) takes us to Andermatt and Hotel Aurora
    • 21:30 Arrival and check-in Hotel Aurora, Andermatt. Sandwiches and tea.
    • Welcome briefing with our mountain guide either that evening or at breakfast the next day, depending on arrival time.
  • Thursday February 22nd

    • 07:00 Breakfast buffet and pick up lunch pack
    • Avalanche safety briefing with our mountain guide
    • Full day of ski touring with our mountain guide
    • After Ski at Skybar in the centre of the village
    • Shower, sauna and a change of clothes
    • 19:00 Evening dinner served in the hotel's restaurant
  • Friday February 23th

    • 07:00 Breakfast buffet and pick up lunch pack
    • For today's tour we take the train to our instep
    • After ski following a full day in the mountains
    • In the evening we dine in a restaurant in the village together
  • Saturday February 24th

    • 07:00 Breakfast buffet and pick up lunch pack
    • Today we're exploring the back side of the Gemsstock
    • Shower, sauna and change of clothes
    • 18:30 Evening dinner served in the hotel's restaurant
    • 20:00 Equipment clinic with our mountain guide
  • Sunday February 25th

    • 07:00 Breakfast buffet and pick up lunch pack
    • Today we ski tour with our mountain guide until around 2pm.
    • Shower, change and checkout.
    • 14:00 Warm soup, freshly baked bread is served prior to our departure
    • 15:45 Private transfer to Zürich airport, around 2h.
    • 20:50 Depart Zürich airport
    • 23:20 Arrival, Stockholm, Arlanda
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