Travel Policy, Japan

Package-, and group travel by air to Japan


Cancellation protection/Travel insurance

1. Cancellation protection and travel insurance cannot be purchased from Pure Productions AB. We refer you to an insurance company such as Europeiska ERV. In the UK there are several specialist insurers, for example the British Mountaineering Council, BMC.

Payment terms

2. The travel agreement becomes binding once the customer pays the deposit. The deposit must be in Pure Productions AB’s possession no later than 2 h after Pure Ski Touring’s confirmation. Pure Productions AB reserves the right to cancel travellers who do not pay the deposit in time. Final payment no later than 50 days prior to departure. If the final payment is not made in time, Pure Productions AB reserves the right to cancel the travel agreement less the deposit. The deposit for package-, and group travel by air to Japan is 9,000 SEK per person. Should you need to cancel your booking due to injury you will need to make a claim on your own travel insurance, for which you may need a doctor’s note (requirements may vary between insurers, and it’s your own responsibility to check the terms of your insurance). The sum total cost of the trip should be paid to Pure Productions AB, according to the payment terms of the arranger.

Cancellation costs

3. Each traveller may cancel their booking according to the following terms:

  • If cancelling earlier than 90 days prior to departure any payments made are refunded, less the deposit.
  • If cancelling within 90 days of departure, cancellation cost is 100% of the full cost of the trip.

In the event of cancellation due to injury and/or illness regarding our package tours, no refund is issued. We write a cancellation certificate on the cancellation and you can contact your insurance company for reimbursement with your medical certificate. We inform you about the importance of valid insurance when booking.

Changing of names and number of participants on the booking

4. When cancelling individuals on a group booking, the remaining participants are responsible for covering any additional costs arising from fewer bookings in the chosen accommodation alternatives unless it is possible to arrange a suitable alternative at the same price.

5. Pure Productions AB charges an administrative fee of 300 SEK for any requested changes to the booking.

The journey

6. The names of all travellers should be spelled correctly and appear as they do in their respective passports. Providing the correct spelling is the responsibility of each traveller at the time of booking. Wholesale name changes cannot be accepted. Minor typos can be corrected for a fee (the airline’s administrative fee, plus 200 SEK). To make name changes on a travel voucher from Pure Productions costs 495 SEK per change (under the provision that the changes are requested within the valid date period as given by the voucher).

7. Rebooking a trip to another date is to be considered a cancellation followed by a new booking.

8. We reserve the right to amend itineraries with respect to flight time changes and intermediate stops that are beyond our control. Times given in the booking confirmation are preliminary and are potentially subject to changes prior to departure.

9. Pure Productions will not accept responsibility for delays to adjoining travels not included in the package, or delays in conjunction with homeward travel causing the traveller to miss a connection not included in the package.


10. Transfer between airport and the ski resort will be by bus or train.

11. During difficult traffic or weather conditions there may be delays and the departure time from the ski resort to the airport may be scheduled at an earlier time than originally planned.


12. If Pure Productions have reasonable grounds to believe that the number of participants on a given trip no later than 14 days prior to departure is fewer than 10, Pure Productions reserves the right to cancel the trip for a full refund.

13. If the trip cannot proceed due to circumstances beyond Pure Productions AB’s control, or that of its service providers, Pure Productions AB reserves the right to cancel the trip, without this being grounds for legal recourse from the traveller.

Should the situation occur that we cannot travel to the intended destination due to Government advice or direct bans due to risks surrounding the novel Coronavirus, Pure Productions AB offer you two options in terms of refund:
1) A voucher for the full amount to be used the next season
2) Full refund within 24h

If, however, you as a participant are ill with COVID-19 (or something else) before departure, you will need to claim a refund through your own travel insurance (note that a doctor’s note is required. Do consult the terms and conditions of your insurance). Pure Productions can provide you with a cancellation letter for your insurance company should they request it.

Activities at your destination

14. All activities at the destination are participated in at the participants’ own personal risk. This includes activities arranged directly by Pure Productions AB and those arranged by external partners.

15. All activities require a minimum number of participants in order to happen. If the minimum number isn’t achieved, the activity is cancelled, unless the remaining participants choose to cover the cost shortfall.

16. The participants are responsible for following any rules and regulations.

17. Activities not participated in will not be refunded.


18. Pure Productions AB guarantees its prices. The price guarantee means that the cost at the time of booking is fixed and that Pure Productions AB cannot adjust the amount due to changes in taxation, fuel levies or currency exchange. This guarantee is mutual, and should changes in taxation, fuel levies or currency exchange occur prior to departure the cost will not change, up or down.

19. Arranger according to the Swedish travel guarantee law is Pure Productions AB, which also has made legally binding travel guarantees to Kammarkollegiet.

20. The traveler is responsible for signing the specific waivers pertaining to off-piste guiding under Pure Production AB’s arrangements as part of trips to Japan. Waivers are handed out on arrival day. A signed waiver is required to take part in any off-piste guiding that may form part of the travel package.

21. Pure Productions AB cannot guarantee snow availability or conditions at the destination.

22. These terms and conditions also cover parts of trips booked and paid for in advance through Pure Productions AB, such as lift passes or other arrangements.