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Pure Sarek

The higher ranges, further away

Into the wilds. Remote massifs, beyond civilization. Dog sleds to and from our base camp in the Abisko alps. Ski touring remote summits where few humans have skied. Genuine expedition experience, and guaranteed untouched snow.

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Sarek National Park is located in Jokkmokk municipality, Lapland and is the oldest national park in Europe. Its shape is similar to a circle with a diameter of about 50 km. It connects to two other national parks, namely Stora Sjöfallet and Padjelanta.

Six of Sweden’s highest peaks lie within the park’s boundaries and among these is Sweden’s third highest mountain, Sarektjåkkå’s Great Peak. In addition, the park has more than 200 peaks above 1800 m, of which 82 of them have a name. There are a huge number of glaciers in the park, over 100, and the Rapaälven flows out of glaciers in Sarektjåkkå. The largest lake in the national park is called Alkajaure.

Between the valleys and plateaus in Sarek National Park are massive mountains with several peaks, the most talked about are:

Sarektjåkkå, with the highest point: Stortoppen
Pårte, Pårtetjåkkå
Piellorieppe, Kåtokkaskatjåkkå
Ålkatj, Akkatjåkko

Alexander Nordwall

Alexander Nordvall är IFMGA certifierad Aspirantguide, det vill säga under utbildning till IFMGA Bergsguide. Han bor sedan några år tillbaka i Beisfjord utanför Narvik i nordnorge där tiden varvas med topptursguidning, isklättring och alpinklättring – från Kebnekaise och Lyngen i norr till alperna och södra Norge.

Född och uppvuxen i nordligaste Sverige är kalla vintrar och skidåkning i de stora vilda massiven i norra Sverige och Norge där han känner sig mest hemma. Han har också spenderat mycket tid i så väl Alperna som Nordamerika. Att få uppfylla drömupplevelsen för sina gäster, upptäcka nya platser och få nya erfarenheter där ute bland bergen, det är Alexanders stora drivkraft.

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Ski touring in an untracked wilderness

More and more people not only want to climb mountains, they also want to do it further away, in a wilderness far from roads and where there are no cabins or lodges. You can count on it taking a whole day just to get into the wilderness and up to the mountain massif. Just like the old North and South Pole expeditions, we use dog sleds both for the transport in and out if the weather permits, otherwise scooter transport by a local operator. Once in place, centrally near the high mountains, we build our Base Camp with special dining and sleeping tents.

Living on nature’s conditions in winter places high demands on all equipment. Therefore, Hilleberg’s spacious and storm-resistant tents are exclusively used. We also have inflatable sleeping pads and warm sleeping bags for good comfort. Even in the wilderness, it is important to have real and civilized meals, and therefore the expeditions take large food tents with standing height, as well as an in-house chef who prepares our meals.

Expeditions are unique in many ways. It is a journey far away, both geographically and spiritually. It’s just you, nature and the weather, a feeling of total freedom. Here it will be a top tour on nature’s terms. To live out in roadless country, far from urban everyday life. Living in a tent without access to a shower and toilet. To follow nature and climb really high mountain peaks, perhaps some that have never been visited before, is now possible with our new segment Expedition, which this winter will be far out into the Sarek massif!


We travel by scooter and ski to our Base Camp where we construct our tent camp. We sleep in Hilleberg Nammatj 3 GT tents which are stable, storm-proof and roomy. Our mess tents are Hilleberg Atlas tents with full standing room without floors giving us ample opportunity to dig out space for tables and seats. We remain in the same camp location for the duration of the expedition, centrally, and at the foot of the mountains. Proper meals are vital and we have our own chef with us taking care of all cooking, but will appreciate any assistance given. Everything is more fun when done together. There is zero mobile coverage in the area, but we have a sat phone with us.  


This trip is based on the assumption that guests take the sleeper train from Stockholm C to Gällivare, return. We have pre-booked beds in private sleeping compartments.

The sleeper train departs Stockholm Central Station in the evening, and arrives at Gällivare late morning the following day. At Gällivare we’ll meet up and provide sandwishes and coffee. Following that we head to our start point where we repack, change and travel onwards the wilderness towards our Base Camp. The same way will take us back to Gällivare on departure day.

VY Sleeper train, March 31th, Stockholm C – Gällivare trainstation, 18:11 – 08:05 (+1 day)
VY Sleeper train, April 9th, Gällivare trainstation – Stockholm C, 19:57 – 09:25  (+1 day)

Accommodation & Travel
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The demands from camping in winter conditions (keeping warm, sleep, food preparation, drying equipment etc) can make this a tough trip. The actual touring is technically easy to moderate. We’ll cover around 850m-1,500m of ascent per day. Ratio: max 6 guests per guide.

  • Very good fitness is required, capable of sustaining an ascent rate of 400m/h
  • Off-piste skiing in all conditions, on slopes up to 35 degrees
  • Experience with ski touring technique and equipment, how to walk and kick-turn with climbing skins
  • Camping experience, ideally in winter conditions, a plus
  • Age limit 18 years old (16 years old if accompanied by legal guardian)

Mandatory Expedition

  • Skis with touring bindings
  • Climbing skins, contour-cut to your skis
  • Ski boots
  • Ski poles with baskets of a diameter of at least 6cm
  • Ski crampons (Harscheisen)
  • Avalanche transceiver (not analog), shovel, probe. Check batteries.
  • Helmet
  • Avalanche backpack with inflatable airbag, 30-45l capacity
  • Shell jacket and trousers. Wind-, and waterproof.
  • Mid-layer in wool or fleece
  • Base layer, top and long-johns. Wool or synthetic
  • Thick, insulated jacket, down or synthetic
  • Thinner insulated jacket
  • Insulated trousers (ideally with full side zips)
  • Ski socks, wool, x2
  • Thick pair of socks
  • Winter boots
  • Underwear, wool or synthetic, x2
  • Gloves, one pair of thick, one pair of thin
  • Mittens
  • Hat and balaclava or Buff to cover your face
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Sunglasses and goggles
  • Sun cream
  • Water bottle
  • Thermos
  • Head torch
  • Travel insurance
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Personal snacks (chocolate, nuts etc) for touring

Specifikt Explore Sarek

  • Stegjärn
  • Isyxa
  • Sele
  • 1 Skruvkarbin


Tips! Explore Sarek

  • 0,5L Nalgene passar väldigt bra att stoppa i pjäxor och vantar så de torkar.
  • Tag med ordentligt med snacks. Då orkar du mer, håller värmen bättre och humöret uppe!
  • Tänk på! – man äter mer än vanligt när man vintertältar för att ämnesomsättningen går upp i raketfart.
  • Överdragsskor är bra. Antingen att ha ovanpå innerskorna vid tälten eller som också går ovanpå pjäxorna om det är kallt. Se exempel här
  • Tänk på att endast ta med dig det du absolut behöver.
  • Viktigt att du har gått in dina pjäxor och är vän med dem.
  • Du packar i din lavinryggsäck, samt får du ta med dig ytterligare en vattentät packpåse med “övrig packning” (40-50 liter).
  • Plastpåsar i pjäxorna fungerar väldigt tillfredsställande med att hålla innerskon väsentligt torrare och dessutom bidra till ökad värme i pjäxorna (framförallt vid kalla dagar).
  • Vi kommer ha pulkor på plats att låna. Det blir en pulka på två personer så man hjälps åt att dra den.
  • Ha alltid som målsättning att spara vikt när du packar.
  • Saknar du utrustning hjälper vi dig gärna med hyra eller köp, kontakta oss på info@pureskitouring.se

Good to have, Expedition

  • Thin windproof/soft shell jacket
  • Soft shell trousers
  • Day wear/civvies (to be left at the ski lodge)
  • Normal shoes (to be left at the ski lodge/hotel)
  • Camera
  • Mobile phone and charger, power bank
  • Toiletries bag
  • Ear plugs
  • Blister tape
Knowledge & Equipment

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Läs mer & Bilder


Price &
  • Package

    • Bed in Hilleberg's tent
    • 2550€
    • Excluding train travel
    • Bed in Hilleberg's tent
    • 2650€
    • Including train travel


  • 5 days’ ski touring with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Avalanche safety training with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Ski touring technique skills with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Equipment orientation with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Expedition orientation with certified IFMGA mountain guide
  • Pure Ski Touring’s goodie bag
  • Transfer Sarek – Base Camp, return
  • Accommodation, Stora Sjöfallet hut, 1 nights
  • Accommodation, Base Camp, 4 nights
  • Bed in Hilleberg Nammatj tent
  • Sleeping mat “floor” x 2, plus winter sleeping bag
  • Hygiene/toilet tent
  • Our own chef preparing our meals, 5 days
  • Breakfast, 5 days
  • Lunch/lunch packs, 5 days
  • Dinner, 5 days
  • Coffee and sandwich, Gällivare (arrival day)
  • Shower at Saltoluokta (departure day)
  • Warm soup and freshly baked bread at Saltoluokta (departure day)
  • Rail travel, Stockholm – Gällivare, return
  • Bed in sleeper compartment, return
  • Transfer Gällivare trainstation, return

Our accommodation tents are Hillebergs Nammatj 3 GT where we sleep two people in a three-man tent. Our mess-tent where we take our meals and socialise is a illebergs Atlas tent. If you wish to bring your own sleeping bag, let us know on your booking form under the section “Additional notes”. If you wish to have your own tent, let us know this, too, under the section “Additional notes” on the booking form.

  • Sunday, March 31th

    • 18:11 Departure, sleeper train from Stockholm C
  • Monday, April 1st

    • 08:05 Sleeper train arrives into Gällivare
    • Own transfer from Gällivare towards Stora Sjöfallet
    • Check-in and lunch in our cabin at Stora Sjöfallet where we stay the 1st night
    • Equipment and expedition knowledge with mountain guide
    • Train team and cooperation with mountain guide to build our base camp
    • 19:00 Our chef has prepared a dinner for us which we enjoy in the cottage
    • Prepares us for departure to the wilderness and the Sarek Alps tomorrow morning
  • Tuesday, March 2nd

    • 07:00 Breakfast is served, followed by check-out
    • Arrival into the wilderness and we construct our tent camp
    • Möter upp för transfern ut till "Vita stenen" vid gränsen av nationalparken
    • Packa ordning pulkor och sedan skida sista biten in till vårt basläger
    • 18:30 We each check into our sleeping tents, sort our beds and equipment
    • 18:30 The evening’s meal is served in the mess-tent. We jointly help set the table and prepare
    • Briefing with our mountain guide laying out plans for the upcoming days’ ski touring
    • Get ready for a good night’s sleep in the wilderness
  • Wednesday, April 3rd - Monday, April 8th

    • 07:00 Breakfast served in the mess-tent, and we each prepare our lunch packs for the day
    • 09:00 Full day of ski touring with our mountain guide
    • Lunch taken on the mountain
    • After-ski at Base Camp after a long day out
    • Own time to relax and care for equipment
    • 18:30 The evening’s meal is served in the mess-tent. We jointly help set the table and prepare
    • Preparations for the night and tomorrow’s tour
    • Depending on the weather and wind, we will return to Stora Sjöfallet on April 2 or 3. This is decided on the spot. If we return on April 2, it will be the last night at Saltoluokta mountain station
  • Tuesday, April 9th

    • 07:00 Breakfast served in the mess-tent
    • We jointly take down our tent camp and pack up
    • We ski with sled back to the meeting point, where we then repack for the scooter transfer to Stora Sjöfallet
    • We ski at Stora Sjöfallet there is time to shower and change and then further transport to Gällivare train station
    • 19:57 Train journey with night train from Gällivare
    • 15:30 We arrive at Abisko Mountain Lodge for shower, toilet and change
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